Noho Lakewood Retail IX, LLC


LEI: 254900KIPKPW98AH9J59

United States of America, Camden, C/O Paracorp Incorporated, 2140 S Dupont Hwy, 19934
Legal Name
Noho Lakewood Retail IX, LLC
Registered At
United States of America, Delaware
Registration Authority Entity ID
Legal Jurisdiction
Entity Legal Form Code
Limited Liability Company
Entity Status


Legal Address
C/O Paracorp Incorporated
2140 S Dupont Hwy
US | United States of America
Headquarters Address
520 Newport Center Drive
Suite 780
Newport Beach
US | United States of America

Registration Details

LEI Initial Registration Date
LEI Last Update Date
LEI Registration Status
LEI Next Renewal Date
Managing LOU
Bloomberg Finance L.P. (Bloomberg)
Validation Sources
(Ultimate Parent Exception reported)
(Ultimate Parent Exception reported)
Direct Children
No direct child data available
Ultimate Children
No ultimate child data available

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